'The Mikado'
March 2015

'I really feel...all numbers deserved mention, they were so good.'

This Society put on a splendid show.

Their new venue suited the singers and the well-run orchestra. Costumes were colourful and sound exceptional. Lighting was simple but effective. The orchestra under the baton of Christine Seager was super. No way did it drown out the singers.

All the soloists were well-cast. Peter Bowden playing Nanki-Poo sang so well with such a strong voice he didn't need a mic. His entry singing 'A Wand'ring Minstrel' was well performed. The love of his life, Yum-Yum, was beautifully played by Hannah Carolan. Her two friends Pitti-Sing (Eleanor Molloy) and Peep-Bo (Jennie Henshaw), all wards of Ko-Ko were well chosen. Both acted and sang really well. The song 'Three Little Maids' was stunning.

The men in this show played their parts with such understanding, Tony Alman (Pish-Tush) gave a good performance especially having to standup to Pooh-Bah (David Seager) The Lord High Everything Else. You were both outstanding.

How can anyone forget Ko-Ko? Played by Bob Wardle, he was exceptional. Singing and facial expressions perfect. I loved his reaction when he agrees to the wedding of Yum-Yum and Nanki-Poo.

The entrance of The Mikado and Katisha causes quite a stir in the village especially as The Mikado is looking for his son who happens to be Nanki-Poo, and Ko-Ko tells him that he has just been executed. Add to this the appearance of Katisha looking to claim Nanki-Poo, who she loves. Trouble in store!!!!! Susan Bradley gives a strong performance as Katisha, well acted was Ken Brook as The Mikado.

Every number was sung so well. The ones that impressed me were Yum-Yum, 'The Sun Whose Rays', Ko-Ko, 'The Lord High Executioner' and Katisha, 'Alone and Yet Alive'. The chorus also sang well. I am always impressed with the harmonies. I really feel that I could have said that all numbers deserved mention, they were so good.

Well done everyone.

Thank you so much for the care and attention given on my visit.

Jackie Kay

'Messrs Gilbert and Sullivan would have approved greatly.'

Since the introduction of The Hot Mikado, the original does not seem to be presented as often so it is a joy to see this traditional and affectionate production of the classic oriental comedy.

Producer Jean Horrocks obviously knows this show very well, as she brings out the comedy in both lib and score to great effect, to the delight of the first night audience.

The principals are excellent in their roles, their singing and acting deserving equal credit, and the harmonies are perfect.

Bob Wardle is a delightfully camp and comic Ko-Ko, David Seager gives us a hilariously pompous Pooh-Bah and Hannah Carolan, Eleanor Molloy and Jennie Henshaw are spot on as sisters Yum-Yum, Pitti-Sing and Peep-Bo.

Susan Bradley is perfect as harridan Katisha, whilst Peter Bowden has one of the strongest tenor voices I have heard in some time. They are ably supported by Ken Brook and Tony Alman as The Mikado and Pish-Tush.

But it is the music, singing and harmonies that are the heart of this performance and praise must go to the Musical Director Christine Seager and her orchestra and chorus for excellent renditions of the well-known songs.

Messrs Gilbert and Sullivan would have approved greatly.

Peter Haslam